Dressage camp brings competition success

The weekend of the 16th/17th June saw the introduction of our first dressage camp. Training on the Saturday at Gamston Wood involved warm up techniques, followed by test riding. Tests were videoed, watched back and then we looked at ways to improve each horse and riders improvement. Tests were then re ridden and videoed for riders to see their individual improvement.

The following day involved a trip the the very welcoming Trentvalley Equestrian Centre to compete in the Trailblazers dressage series. Riders had pre booked either one or two tests and proceeded to warm up with methods learnt the day before, with a little extra input from me.

Once in the arena, it was all down to them. The Amazing results follow:

Olivia Johnson 2nd intro

Olivia Johnson 2rd prelim 13

Sarah French 3rd prelim 1

Louise Day 2nd Novice 24

Louise Day 1st Novice 34 with a whopping 80%

Also Gamston regular Hattie Howard popped in to score 2nd in her class.

As a trainer it was a great chance to see how clients perform under competition pressure and how a few positive words, or a slight change in warm up technique, can give such a lift to the overall performance.

A big well done to my first three dressage campers and a big thank you to Trentvalley for being such a positive place to ride at.