Livery at Gamston Wood.

All livery at Gamston Wood is full livery, meaning that we take care of your horse’s basic needs 7 days a week, including bank holidays and Christmas.  We are quite unique in that we reduce the weekly cost during the summer months when the horses are turned out full time on our specially prepared summer grazing.

Winter livery

Winter livery includes allocated stable, wood pellet bedding on rubber matting, haylage or hay, basic hard feed, feet picked twice daily, daily turnout, use of arena and wash area.

Summer livery

Summer livery includes the use of a stable, full time turnout in our managed paddocks, twice daily checks, rug management if needed, use of arena, show jump field, farm rides, grass dressage arena and wash area.

During extreme summer weather (heat or extreme rain) all horses are brought in to shelter.

Holiday livery

We also offer holiday livery, with exercising and schooling for an extra cost.

Rachel and her team have done such an amazing job with my three horses while I went away for two weeks to get married! 100% professional and my ponies have come home so happy after their holiday and my horse fitter and healthier than ever!! Thank you so much Rachel and your team for looking after them, I was able to relax and enjoy my holiday knowing they were all in safe hands! A Massive Thank You Guys xxxx
— Rachel Kyne Robinson

Your horse's welfare is our number one priority.

During the winter months we keep the horses to a strict routine in order to reduce stress levels.  They're fed at 6.30am every day, with an evening feed at 4pm.  Forage is weighed and fed according to your horses needs, trickle fed through the day, with a final net given between 8 and 9pm.

Turnout is 8am during the winter months, every day.  During the worst weather they will come in after a couple of hours, during the mildest they stop out until 3pm.  Horses are turned out to graze in pairs, and as long as they get on, they remain in their pairs throughout their stay at Gamston Wood.

Once the horses are turned out for the summer (mid April) everything can become a little more relaxed.  Horses are checked at 8am and 3pm, any horses requiring supplements or medications are normally given them at their field.

Some horses, for welfare reasons, may have to come in during the day to have a break from the grass or older horses for regular treatment.  However, no horses will be left in a field alone without a neighbour to keep them company.


Fabulous, friendly, professional yard where your horse will receive the best care ever :-) thanks to Rachel’s knowledge, care and dedication and also Serena’s hard work and dedication, I have a happy settled horse, I never need to worry about her and I’m also learning more! The horse’s welfare always come first! It’s a fab place to be with great riding and fantastic views, would highly recommend this yard!
— Kelly Millott

We pride ourselves in learning the character of your horse and managing them according to their needs.

I moved my horse to Gamston Wood summer 2017. The horses are in their routines and that shows when you see how happy and settled they are. Rachel and the staff take the time to get to know each horse individually and work with them.

The yard staff are very capable and caring and Rachel is very knowledgable and encouraging. The facilities school, jumping field, farm track, stables and grazing are all very well maintained.
Personally it was a big change to put my horse in full livery but a necessity due to my job. I can honestly say it was the best move I could have made.
— Wendy Phelan