Rachel Ashworth Equestrian Coaching

at Gamston Wood Livery.

My horses receive individual attention and are both flourishing under Rachel’s experienced, confident and qualified care. I am benefitting from our “livery group” lessons, to the extent I’ve even started trotting over tiny jumps again. A major accomplishment after loosing my jumping nerve almost 10 years ago.
The yard is friendly, happy and, importantly, calm - a blessing!
Thoroughly recommend.
— Louise Day

Simply loving what I do best...

My earliest memories are of horses and they have been my passion ever since.  At an early age, I knew that I wanted to teach.
My philosophy is simple; put in the necessary groundwork and you will build confidence, thereby improving the unique partnership between rider and horse.

I do this through targeted correction and training routines, borne from years of coaching experience and personal development.  I would like to consider myself as a forward thinking coach, who strives to expand my knowledge through seminars, master classes and governing body courses, passing on the knowledge to my clients.

I love what I do and I believe that this is reflected in my lessons.  From competition to pleasure riding, beginners to advanced rider, children to adults; I welcome you to contact me to discuss your coaching requirements. 

Coaching children.

As a coach, it is a truly wonderful thing to see a child's joy of riding blossom and grow.  Interacting with horses not only helps children develop respect, empathy and discipline, but also the value of perseverance and hard work; with the resulting sense of achievement making each success all the more enjoyable.  If taught well, riding will become a part of their lives for a long time to come.

I believe that it is vitally important for a coach to build the correct foundations early on.  Particularly it is important to help a child understand and develop the skills necessary to create control, as without this, their confidence will never flourish.  For example, being aware that a good riding position creates core strength, which in turn creates a better riding ability, resulting in improved control, confidence and enjoyment!

As their confidence grows, I inspire them to learn more, encourage them to unlock their full potential and build upon the skills they have worked hard to develop.  My lessons are informative and instructive, involving games and tasks to create a fun and engaging learning environment.  My style is to be firm, yet supportive, focused and encouraging, but never too pushy.  Progression is measured to give focus to areas of improvement, but equally, to help celebrate what they have achieved.


If you feel that your child and pony could benefit from lessons with Rachel Ashworth Equestrian Coaching, then please enquire here.

Rachel has taught my daughter since she was about 5yrs old and has always made the lessons fun and imaginative, she has an amazing knack of keeping Lu concentrating and focused throughout every lesson and the knowledge Lu has learnt never ceases to amaze me. We are very fortunate to have her in the area and I would happily recommend her to anyone, whatever age or ability.
— Nicola Baguley, physio to British Pony Driving Team

Offering a range of structured training, across all disciplines.

Please visit the booking links below for details of current availability and pricing.



Riding on the flat to provide good basics for hacking, showjumping, cross-country and dressage. Working on both rider position and improving horse’s way of going.

Pole work

Riding on the flat and over various combinations of poles to improve technique, balance, suppleness, coordination and confidence for all disciplines.

Gridwork classes

Working down one or two lines of poles and fences to promote balance, coordination and confidence in both horse and rider. Lessons are booked at the height the rider is confident at jumping.


Various pole and jumping exercises to improve balance, confidence and control over a variety of fences for show jumping, cross-country and hunting.


Test riding in an arena, putting various movements together in preparation for attending competitions.

Show jumping course

Jumping fences both individually and linked together to form a course of up to ten fences, including combinations, in preparation for attending competition.

Day clinics and rallies for adults dressage or showjumping

Two hours training in the morning, followed by light hearted competition in the afternoon.

Cross country training

Off site training at various local venues, to promote confidence and gain skills in control, speed and approach of various obstacles.

Schooling and rehabilitation

For times when you need a bit of help to get you and your horse back on track.  Visit Schooling and Rehabilitation to find out more.


Book a group lesson or clinic.

Book by date availability.

A schedule of upcoming classes being run by Rachel Ashworth Equestrian Coaching, at Gamston Wood Livery.  For availability of group lessons/clinics at short notice (starting in less than 24 hours), please contact Rachel directly by telephone or email.

Book by type.

A list of group lesson/clinic types being run by Rachel Ashworth Equestrian Coaching, at Gamston Wood Livery.  For availability at short notice (starting in less than 24 hours), please contact Rachel directly by telephone or email.


Individual private lessons.

Should you require a bit of focussed tuition, why not book a private lesson.  We offer both 30 and *45 minutes lessons which can be tailored to your's and your horse's specific coaching needs.

£23.00 individual private lesson (30 minutes)

£28.00 individual private lesson (45 minutes)

If you would like to book a short notice lesson - within 24 hours of the start time, then please contact Rachel by telephone or email.  Also, please contact Rachel directly for availability of time slots not shown on the website.

Shared private lessons.

*If you would like to share a 45 minutes private lesson with a friend, then please advise Rachel when making your booking.
£32.00 shared private lesson, assumes 2 people sharing (i.e. £16 pp.)

Today I joined the morning ladies group and was made to feel very welcome. It was a lovely lesson and great coaching from Rachel. Thanks, a big confidence boost.
— Alyson Matthews

Contact us to see how Rachel Ashworth Equestrian Coaching can benefit the partnership between you and your horse.